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Come meet Lou; he’s waiting for you!

Lou was brought into the shelter as a cute kitten, but has blossomed into a handsome cat. He has a soft orange coat with tabby stripes. But even better than his looks, is his personality. Lou is affectionate, loving and mild mannered. He enjoys playing, but truly loves to snuggle. He likes sprawling across the floor to nap; hey, he’s got to be comfortable! Lou gets along with everyone he meets and isn’t afraid of new situations. He has been waiting for his home since September…don’t make him wait any longer!

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Featured Dog

Cal is a large shepherd mix that found himself at the shelter after being picked up as a stray. He is approximately 9 years old. Cal is a very smart boy that already knows the command “sit”. Usually when he sees a treat in your hand, he sits before he’s even told to! Cal has a big appetite and looks forward to meals. Although a gentleman, Cal can be protective of his food (aren’t we all?). It is best that if his family has other animals, he is fed in his own area. He is a very sweet boy that deserves to live a quality life. Although we do not know if he is housetrained, he does not mess his 5×5 kennel overnight. 

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Adopted- Emanuel!

Emanuel is adopted!

Adopted- Liola!

Liola is adopted!

Transferred to Last Hope Rescue

Ezra is now at Last Hope Rescue

Adopted- Felix!

Felix is adopted!

Adopted- Edie!

Edie is adopted!

Adopted- Dash!

Dash is adopted!

Adopted- Rawson!

Rawson is adopted!

Adopted- Bob!

Bob is adopted!

Adopted- Lionel!

Lionel is adopted!

Adopted- Ebie!

Ebie is adopted!