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Want a kitty that stays out of trouble? Look no further, Kenzi may be your gal! Kenzi likes to mind her own business and is perfectly content spending her day lounging in a cat tree or a cushy bed. She likes head rubs and nudging into your hand. She would do best without other animals or small kids as loud noises can intimidate her. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a little peace and relaxation?!




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Featured Cat

If you’re looking for a quiet girl that stays out of trouble, Spring may be the one for you! Spring originally came into our care with her 5 kittens. Although she was a wonderful mom to them, though, it’s time for her to get a little pampered herself! Spring is easy going and undemanding. She doesn’t beg for attention, rustle in your stuff or trip you as you walk. She’s content laying in the window, on the cat tree or on a soft bed. She enjoys watching the world around her, although she’s always up for a canned food treat or a new catnip filled toy. Spring would do best in a quiet environment that is looking for a equally relaxing companion.

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