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Hi! I’m a such a special girl that the volunteers couldn’t pick just one name for me, so I got two…I am officially Holly Berry! I am a beautiful short haired grey girl with a small white patch on my chest. Because I like to be the Queen of the Castle, I should go to a home with no other pets. Because of my mature cattitude, it would also be ideal for me to go to an adult only home. I would do best in a quiet environment that will let me be me…then I will truly shine! with.




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Featured Cat

Her kittens may get a lot of attention, but please don’t overlook Spring! Just a youngster herself, Spring has been a very good mom to her five kittens. Now that that part of her life is behind her, however, it’s time for Spring to be the spoiled one! She is very sweet and likes to be carried around and pet. She in inquisitive and likes to watch the world around her. When she is in new environments, she slowly explores and typically finds a table or counter she can observe from. She enjoys playing with toys, snack time and sleeping in a cushy bed.

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Adopted- Mandy!

Mandy is adopted!

Adopted – Bix

Bix is adopted (no picture)

Adopted- Valentino & Lou!

Adopted together Valentino & Lou!

Adopted- Lou & Valentino!

Adopted together Lou & Valentino!

Adopted- Flurry!

Flurry is adopted!

Adopted- Coop!

Coop is adopted!

Adopted- Stormy!

Stormy is adopted!

Adopted- Mick!

Mick is adopted!

Adopted- Rainey!

Rainey is adopted!