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We know what you’re thinking…what a beautiful cat! And you’re right, Zena is gorgeous with bold, striking markings true to a Snow Bengal. We were first contacted about Zena when a couple had been caring for her in their neighborhood for days. It turns out, that Zena was dumped in the neighborhood, declawed and defenseless, for over a month. After scanning her for a microchip, we were able to make contact with her previous owner and veterinarian, giving us more of her vet history than we thought we’d get. According to previous vet records, Zena was born in early 2011, making her almost 5 years.

Zena requires a single pet household, but don’t worry-she’s got enough love to go around you’ll think you have two cats! She attaches herself to her people quickly and thrives when she can run free and explore. She isn’t overly playful, but enjoys a catnip filled toy every now and then. But her favorite treat? Canned cat food! Anytime Zena sees the dish coming near her, she hops off the cat tree and runs over to the bowl. If she’s really excited, she’ll start making a noise that sounds like Mmm, mmm. What can we say? After living on the streets for over a month, she’s grateful for any food she receives!

We are aware of at least 2-3 homes Zena has already had, please let her next be her last! Zena is beautiful and interesting, but most importantly…she’s deserving.




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Featured Cat

If you’re looking for a quiet girl that stays out of trouble, Spring may be the one for you! Spring originally came into our care with her 5 kittens. Although she was a wonderful mom to them, though, it’s time for her to get a little pampered herself! Spring is easy going and undemanding. She doesn’t beg for attention, rustle in your stuff or trip you as you walk. She’s content laying in the window, on the cat tree or on a soft bed. She enjoys watching the world around her, although she’s always up for a canned food treat or a new catnip filled toy. Spring would do best in a quiet environment that is looking for a equally relaxing companion.