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Adorable? Check! Sweet? Check! Ready for a family? Check, check, check! Larsen has been in our care far too long! This loving boy deserves a family that will love him as much as he’ll love them! Larsen is very sweet and likes being handled. He loves being carried around and given one-on-one time. When he’s sleepy, Larsen finds the biggest, softest, and warmest bed in the room and curls up on it. What can we say, he enjoyed the spoiled life! After a cat nap (or two) Larsen likes to play with the ball track. He loves to spin the ball and has the most fun when another kitten joins in on the fun. Larsen loves everyone; whether it be a person or another cat. You won’t regret adding him to your family! Please email, DFriendsOfTheShelter@yahoo.com with any questions! If you would like to meet Larsen please fill out an adoption application that can be found at: www.pawsforfriends.com. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon! THIS ADOPTION COMES WITH 30 DAYS OF PRE-PAID PET HEALTH INSURANCE COURTESY OF FRIENDS OF THE SHELTER, INC. OUR ORGANIZATION USES 24PETWATCH MICROCHIP LOST PET RECOVERY NETWORK, WHICH INCLUDES FREE REGISTRATION INTO THE 24PETWATCH PET RECOVERY DATABASE.

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Fun loving Bob is looking for a home! Bob came into our care as a stray, but has quickly made himself at home at the shelter. Believed to be a Basset/Beagle mix, Bob has the howl that makes him a hound! Bob can be vocal when he wants attention, but it’s just because he’s looking for fun. Bob loves playing with squeaky toys and will squeak them for hours. He likes playing fetch, even if he isn’t the best at returning the ball. :) Guessed to be 3-4 years, Bob needs a home that will be able to provide ample exercise and multiple ways to use his energy. He loves the company of people and would do well in an active home.

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Adopted- Lionel!

Lionel is adopted!

Adopted- Ebie!

Ebie is adopted!

Adopted- Steve!

Steve aka Barney is adopted!

Adopted- Liddy & Binney adopted together!

Liddy & Binney adopted together!

Adopted- Binney & Liddy adopted together!

Binney & Liddy adopted together!

Adopted- PJ!

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Woodstock & Mandy adopted together!

Adopted together!

Mandy & Woodstock adopted together!


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