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You better hurry…apply to adopt Flurry! Buff and white, Flurry is as cute as can be! As much as he loves to spend time with his littermates, he also loves spending time with his mom, Spring. He can often be found nudged up with her or following her around. One might say he’s a mommy’s boy…but who doesn’t like that? Flurry is energetic, daring and loving. If he isn’t by you, chances are he’s finding something to keep him busy! Flurry is never afraid of trying new things, even if it means jumping off a cat tree, running up to the adult cats or standing on the water dish as he drinks. He is inquisitive, playful and full of spunk. After a good run, though, he loves nothing more than finding a cushy bed or a loving person to snuggle with.




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Featured Cat

Her kittens may get a lot of attention, but please don’t overlook Spring! Just a youngster herself, Spring has been a very good mom to her five kittens. Now that that part of her life is behind her, however, it’s time for Spring to be the spoiled one! She is very sweet and likes to be carried around and pet. She in inquisitive and likes to watch the world around her. When she is in new environments, she slowly explores and typically finds a table or counter she can observe from. She enjoys playing with toys, snack time and sleeping in a cushy bed.

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