Featured Dog

We met PJ when he was brought in by the Urbana police. He doesn’t just bark but sounds like he’s trying to pronounce words, not sure if it’s English?  People attempting to enter the medical clinic in Urbana were afraid of him but we believe he was trying to tell people he needed help, thank goodness he got it!  PJ was reluctant to get into the vehicle for transporting him to the shelter until the officer tempted him with his own lunch, yes, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Can you guess how he got the name PJ?

PJ suffers from hip dysplasia and spondylosis.  The pain and discomfort from his condition is being successfully managed with medication.  His has responded to treatment for a skin infection without complaining, and now has a gorgeous red coat. A vet exam also revealed that many of PJ’s teeth are broken off, likely from trying to escape his enclosure wherever he was being housed and not being fed or with access to water.

Even after being treated so poorly PJ wants nothing more than to be showered with attention by people!  He is a true testament of a forgiving creature.  Until he is adopted we need your help to cover his pain medication and vet expenses.  If you can help PJ please go to the SPONSOR ME button, any amount will help and is very appreciated. Thank you!