Featured Kitten

Hi, my name is Didi and I’m looking for lasting love through adoption. You see, I may only be a few months old, but I’m already pretty wise…I know exactly what I want in life! I want a family that’ll pamper me, spoil me and shower me with attention. But don’t worry, I’m not greedy – I want a family that’ll let me return the favor! I love being with my humans, but I’m a big girl…I can handle alone time just fine. When I’m not busy being snuggled, I like to find and make my own fun. Those shiny balls that make crinkly noises are THE best, but I pretty much like anything that I can play with.

When I was found outside in NW Iowa, they promised me that they’d take me to safety, and they did. Then I couldn’t find a home there, so took me to FOTSI and promised that they’d find me a home. I hear them whispering all the time that they won’t break their promise, they just need a little help. So will you be my family?? I hope so!