Featured Cat

If you’re looking for a sweet lap cat, look no further…Ollie is the boy for you! At four years, Ollie is the perfect age-old enough to have the crazy kitten out of him and young enough to be playful and affectionate. You may notice that Ollie is marked "special needs" because he is blind in one eye, but don’t worry, it doesn’t slow him down at all! Ollie lost his eyesight when he was in his previous home, and is currently being given eye drops to try to clear up the ulcer and help him regain his vision. If it doesn’t work, the vet has assured us Ollie is in no discomfort and Ollie has assured us that he doesn’t mind! Ollie wants to be in a home where he will receive pampering and attention, where he will have a window to lay in and where he will be loved the rest of his life.