Featured Kitten

We know what you’re thinking…can one little kitten really be that cute?! Well if you’re looking at Jamison, the answer is yes! Jamison is an adorable grey and white long haired kitten who will grow up to be a beautiful cat. But, it is imperative that his family is dedicated to brushing his beautiful locks to avoid knots and matts.

At just over 11 weeks old, Jamison loves to do two things…run and play! He is very energetic and loves to find fun in anything. He is very sweet tempered, though, so when he tires, he’s always ready to be scooped up and cuddled. Although he was originally brought into another shelter alone, he has quickly made friends with the other kittens and often thinks he’s part of the litter! Jamison would love a home with another pet to keep him company and would thrive off a family that is as loving as he is.