Featured Cat

After wandering the streets, a loving family picked Tillie off the streets, sought medical attention and fostered her until we were able to bring her into our care. Since that time, Tillie has begun to make herself at home. Initially unsure of where she was, Tillie was very vocal. Now that she is comfortable; we haven’t heard a peep out of her. She loves looking around her new surrounding and investigating. Unfortunately for Tillie, she was never properly socialized with other animals, so she would do best in a single pet household. But don’t worry, that just means she gets ALL of the attention (and you get all of hers)!
Tillie would do best in a quieter home that will allow her personality to blossom. She would enjoy long days cuddling in a bed, sitting by her humans or lounging in a window sill. Tillie is not overly playful, but like any cat, can get pretty excited with a cat dancer.