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Connick is his name and cuteness is his game! This adorable boy is looking for lasting love through adoption and is hoping you can be that special family for him. Connick is a fun loving, playful and energetic kitten. He loves skidding across the wood floors and playing chase, but nothing beats the ball track. He loves hitting the ball back and forth and nothing is cuter than watching him have fun! Connick loves playing with his brothers and other kitten friends, but is equally as happy when he gets to spend time with his people. He would do well in a home with another kitten (or maybe even two?!) to help keep him company and burn off his energy. Don’t worry if you don’t have any felines in your home, though….he’d love to go to a home with his brothers!

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Featured Kitten

Dear new family,

My name is Mackyn and I’m looking for a family of my very own! Even though I’m living at an adoption center, I already know what it feels like to be loved. You see, I was born in the home of my foster momma March 30th with my 5 littermates. And even though my kitty momma was there with me to help take care of me, my human momma showed me exactly what it means to be pampered and adored.

I really love playing with my littermates, but all these toys I keep getting are pretty cool too. I really like the ones that I can scratch, but the ones I can bat in the air are lots of fun too. I keep seeing all the big kitties climbing on those towers, but I can’t quite figure out how they get up there?! My humans keep telling me that I’ll figure it out when I get bigger…am I bigger yet?!

Since I don’t live with my foster momma anymore, I’d really like to find my forever family. I love the adoption center, but I can’t wait to have my very own stuff, in my very own house, with my very own family!

Will you adopt me?

Love, Macklyn

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