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Featured Cat

Oh, it only takes one look at our chubby little girl Daisy to know that she’s nothing short of perfection. Daisy is an absolute doll; always calmly asking for attention. If she can reach your chest, Daisy likes to put her paws on you and ask for pets. She loves being held and carried around, but one of her favorite things is going on shoulder rides. That’s right, shoulder rides. If you bend over when she’s around, Daisy likes to climb up your back and onto your shoulder. I mean, if you were less than a foot tall wouldn’t you want to see the world from up high?! 🙂

Daisy lived in an overcrowded shelter for over 3 years before being pulled into our care. During that time she learned what fun it is to live with other cats; but also what it means to be overlooked. Don’t let Daisy go one more day without a family…apply to adopt her today!

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Thank you to all of our sponsors who helped make the 5th Annual Best Doggone (and Catgone) Golf Tournament a success!

Featured Cat

Statistically black cats are the hardest to place, but with a cat as great as Kobie, it is hard for us to believe that we’ll have her too long. To us, she’s absolutely stunning. But even past her looks is a wonderful personality that is ready to make any home complete. Kobie LOVES playing, rolling around on the cat tree and snuggling. She soaks up any attention she receives and never fails to entertain. Kobie enjoys playing with other kitties, attacking the cat dancer and running free. She would do well in a home with other cats as she makes friends easily. Kobie deserves a family that loves her dark coat as much as we do and loves to play as much as she does! Please don’t hesitate to email us if you’re interested in adopting this sweet girl.