Featured Kitten

Just like Derrick Henry, Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston, Heisman is quite the little athlete! It’s no wonder where our boy got his name; he can run, run, run all day long – we’re sure the length of a football field! Heisman has lots of energy to burn and would love a home with another kitten or cat to keep him company. When he’s being carried around, he’s usually squirming to get down as it’s always GO TIME! But, even the best have to take a timeout for a quick break and that’s when he relaxes on the sidelines with his humans. Heisman is a fan of cat nip, open space to run cat trees he can climb. His estimated birthday is 5/22/17, making him at the perfect kitten age! He’s big enough that he can hold his own and feel confident enough to explore, yet young enough that he’ll entertain you with his antics for hours. And with a personality as great as his, who even has time to watch football?!