Featured Kitten

Dear new family,

My name is Mackyn and I’m looking for a family of my very own! Even though I’m living at an adoption center, I already know what it feels like to be loved. You see, I was born in the home of my foster momma March 30th with my 5 littermates. And even though my kitty momma was there with me to help take care of me, my human momma showed me exactly what it means to be pampered and adored.

I really love playing with my littermates, but all these toys I keep getting are pretty cool too. I really like the ones that I can scratch, but the ones I can bat in the air are lots of fun too. I keep seeing all the big kitties climbing on those towers, but I can’t quite figure out how they get up there?! My humans keep telling me that I’ll figure it out when I get bigger…am I bigger yet?!

Since I don’t live with my foster momma anymore, I’d really like to find my forever family. I love the adoption center, but I can’t wait to have my very own stuff, in my very own house, with my very own family!

Will you adopt me?

Love, Macklyn