Featured Kitten

One thing is for sure…you will not go wrong with Moonie! There is no doubt about it, Moonie is the best of both worlds! She is quite a goof and is sure to bring smiles to the faces of everyone she meets. Whether she is playing with another cat, chasing a ball or just rolling around on her back, Moonie’s antics are sure to entertain! She is very curious and energetic, but also quite the snuggler. She is never bothered by being scooped up for a good cuddle and after awhile, her motor is sure to turn on. Moonie loves being carried around, doted on and pampered. Moonie is a gorgeous tortoiseshell with markings that can’t be beat. She has a dark coat with bright butterscotch markings poking through. Moonie would do well in a family with a docile cat, but don’t worry if you don’t have one…she’d love to be adopted with one of her friends at our adoption center!