Featured Kitten

If you’re looking for a cute and quiet boy, Finley may be the one for you! Originally born as a stray, Finley came into our care with two litter mates. Since he hadn’t been handled daily, humans were quite scary to Finley. But we have to say, we can’t really blame him! All he knew was we were the people that took him from where he was comfortable…but at least we were giving him yummy food, fresh water and a cushy bed to snuggle in.

Shortly after being in our care, Finley began coming around. Instead of hisses, we heard soft purrs that quickly turned into a loud motor. We watched his personality go from a frightened and timid boy to a playful and energetic kitten! Finley loves running around with other kittens and finding that special buddy to snuggle with. Although he can still be fearful with loud noises and new surroundings, but is wonderful company for other cats. He would benefit from a home that will provide lots of patience and TLC – but one that won’t forget all of the FUN a kitten is supposed to have.

Finley didn’t have the best start to life, but we’re determined to give him the ending he deserves. Since the time we’ve had him, he’s continue to realize that humans aren’t scary; help us show him we’re a creature to love just like he is to us!